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Fresh tv ,A entertainment company on a mission,fresh is obsessed with captivating the dynamic and elucisve youth market ,Powerfully connected to the interests ,influences and enthusiasms  of tween and teen audiences around the world ,fresh eats,sleeps and bre breathes to create television young people will love right now.


TelekomVision Arena (or better know as the Arena only ) a subscription television channels in Indonesia that special sports broadcasts ,and is owned by TelekomVision ,This channel can only be seen by customers TelkomVision ,Yes TV and Groovia Tv ,Arena was launced in Agust 2007 when at that tome managed to get the brodcasting right TelkomVision italian league Serie A ,Arena does not cureently cover only broadcast football league Series A only ,Arena also broadcast Spanich La Liga ,Champions Brazil and Indonesia's National Basketball League (NBL)

Thai Tv 5


Fox HD

Cinemax HD

Astro Arena

Emas Tv

Electronic Media Airtime Services Sdn Bhd(EMAS) was incorporated on 27 th July 2000 to undertake the marketing and sales services of commercial televison and radio Airtime and also in content development and distribution for maltiple platforms .As an exclusive Tv and radio RTM airtime marketing agent from the year 1999 to 2005  Emas waas heavily involved in promoting the RTM station to national and regional advertisers as the preferred TV and Radio network .Emas involvement in the content development and supply started in 2003 when it sourced forgeign content for RTM and also developmet and supply started in 2003 when it sourced foregion .Emas has  always been on the Malaysian and the region .Emas has always been on the lookout for suitable to the next level to positon itself in regional for suitable partners that could bring the content 2006 ,Heitech Padu Berhad (HPB) collaborated with Emas in its venture into the content supply business by acquiring 55% of Emas .The collabration with Emas creates synergy with its Existing business as HPB past growth drivers were systems intergration  ,manged network services and sofwere development ,and way forward is to complemet these busunesses with content ..Emas is a Media Prima Berhad Offering with retro contemporary concept .and will be transmitted via Unifi or Internet Protocol Tv now mobile and techno -savvy ,watching Tv less so via the converstational method and more.

Demo Planet Tv

Demoplenet TV is an  internet television station for the concept of Community Partners Media 1 Malaysia ,Slogan " Your Internet  TV station " in accordance with our mission to enble visitors to send all their work ,including film,drama ,vedio clips and various other sources to be used as a refence in the future ,we also provide brodcasting services for free to allow your work to be shown to visitors Development TV we take pride in providing social services to the community at large with the  campaign  " Do not waste your talent Joint Criminal Stay Away" we highlight aspects of the anti crime including  gangsterism ,vandalism ,durgs and so on because this era teens more vulnerable and prone to immoral activities OF our campaign is hoped to open the eyes of many to join hands in creating a society entities that are  knowlegeable ,confident and free crime then realizing the aspirations of 1Malaysia.

ETV 2-Estonia Television 2

A One Tv

Tv Edukasi

Documentary Tv

E-Korea Tv

1 Malaysia Tv

Live News 24

Planet Sinema

Mivo Tv

Duta Tv

Arena Tv

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